Tactical Gaming is one of the oldest gaming clan/communities today. Founded in 1999 by Marc (TG Street) and Benjamin (TG Gamble), they had a vision of building a large tactical realism gaming clan/community built by gamer’s, designed for gamer’s who have a passion for playing video games as a fun, social activity.

Today, Tactical Gaming is home to gamers across Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. Active games consist of many games

The community is built around a smaller military styled ranking system that is customized to fit a gaming clan such as TG to the max. The system is fit for never ending growth and to create social experiences that inspire action.

The rank structure offers members the opportunity to take charge, stand up and lead a group of others into battle online and improve people skills.

The leadership experiences gained in our ranking system can be put to use in real life situations and future jobs that members may take on down the road.

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“Esprit De Corps”